Kitchen and Bath Granite Countertops



Granite Countertops continue to remain a popular choice as a natural stone countertop in United States. In fact, North Carolina produces more square footage than almost any other state.  This stone has over 1000 unique colors with different pattern variations to choose from. With Granite's ability to be so diverse it is sure to be a popular natural stone countertop choice for may years to come.Granite Countertops Greensboro NC | High Point NC | Winston Salem NC

This beautiful natural stone can be found in quarries all over the globe. It is a very hard stone that is primarily made up of quartz, feldspar and mica. In fact at least 20% of this stones composition is quartz. Due to it's durability it is also widely used as a building stone.  "The Red Pyramid" of Egypt was constructed from Granite and Limestone in 26th century BC and still stands strong today.

Although, this amazing stone is extremely difficult to damage when it comes to scratches and heat, many of the colors are also very porous. Because of Granite's natural porosity we apply a sealer to each one the Natural Stone Countertops that we install. This impregnates the stone and makes it more stain proof and bacteria resistant. One of the common questions that we get is " How often do we have have to reseal our countertop? " The short answer to this question is "it varies" Different colors have different levels of porosity. Certain colors, like uba-tuba and absolute black have very little porosity. Another factor to consider when identifying an answer to this question is the type of cleaners that you use on your countertops. If you clean with a strong bleach, de-greaser or ammonia base product you will shorten the life of the sealer. We recommend that you use warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol when cleaning. You should perform an annual splash test on your countertop. This just consist of splashing some water on your countertop and allowing it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Once it has set there you need to examine that area. Look to see  if the stone darkened any or if any of the water absorbed into the countertop. If the stone has darkened or water was absorbed then it is time to re-seal your Countertop.

There has been a lot of chatter among-st consumers that this stone requires a lot of maintenance to keep up. Many people believe that it is to porous to use as a countertop or that it will not be able to withstand heat therefore making a bad choice for a kitchen surface. The truth is that granite as well as many other Natural Stones make great Kitchen and Bath Countertops. This stone is extremely hard, can withstand up to 1500 degrees of heat and is very simple to seal.

We purchase all of our Stone Slabs from one of three importers in our area.(Cosmos, OHM and Stone Basyx) Certain stone importers may have different color options that others do not. By having three granite importers that we can purchase from helps us ensure that our clients find the perfect Countertop for their Kitchen or Bath.

Granite has amazing variations in tone and patterns. Even the more consistent level one stones have slight variations and the exotics expressing extreme inconsistencies and variations This beautiful rock is truly a piece of art made for your home.

So if you live in anywhere within Central North Carolina be sure to contact us today. We are here to serve you with your Kitchen and Bath updating needs.

Some of our Granite Countertop Colors are listed below.


All of the above colors are just a portion of what we offer. We have the unique ability to purchase from all 4 local Stone and Quartz importers. So if you do not see the Granite Color that you are looking for on this page be sure to contact us and we can show you some additional options.