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Granite is an excellent option to enhance the beauty of a kitchen or bath. This type of natural stone has been used for many years as a structural stone, but now with modern technology you can find it in kitchen's and bath's all over the world. We purchase granite from importers that bring this amazing stone in from quarries located all around the globe. We have hundreds of colors for you to choose from with many different price ranges to accommodate all budgets. Granite is extremely difficult to damage when it comes to scratches and heat, therefore making it an excellent choice for countertops. However, granite is naturally porous so we apply a sealer to each one the Natural Stone Countertops that we install. This impregnates the stone and makes it more stain proof, water and bacteria resistant. One of the common questions that we get is " How often do we have have to reseal our countertop? " The short answer to this question is "it varies" Different colors have different levels of porosity. Certain colors, like black pearl and Brazilian black are denser and have less porosity. Another factor to consider when identifying an answer to this question is the type of cleaners that you use on your counter-tops. If you clean with a strong bleach, de-greaser, ammonia base or citrus base product you will shorten the life of the sealer. We recommend that you use warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol when cleaning. You should perform an annual splash test on your countertop. This just consist of splashing some water on your countertop and allowing it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Once it has set there you need to examine that area. Look to see if the stone darkened any or if any of the water absorbed into the countertop. If the stone has darkened or water was absorbed then it is time to re-seal your Countertop. So if you live in Lexington NC or any other Davidson County city be sure to give us a call.

Granite Countertop Lexington NC

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