Kitchen and Bath Design Center – Free To All Customers

One of our favorite parts of a Kitchen and Bath renovation project is the "Design Phase." We have an amazing program that allows us to show you exactly what your Kitchen or Bath will look like before we ever order or install anything. This gives us the liberty to test many different design styles, ideas and colors thus eliminating the possibly of building and installing something that you might not like.

Not only does our Unique Design process ensure that you end up with the perfect Kitchen or Bath it is also "Free" to all of our customers. See below for our Simple Step by Step Process.

Step 1: Consultation

Meet With The Designer

Step 2: Preliminary Design

Draft Design Based Off Consultation

Step 3: Discussion

Go Over Preliminary Design

Step 4: Revision

Revised Design From Previous Discussion

Step 5: Finalization

Design Is Finalized On

Step 6: Execution

Renovation Has Been Executed and Completed