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Quartz Countertops Greensboro NC | High Point NC | Winston Salem NC. Stone Studio Cambria Quartz Quartz is a great selection when it comes to countertops. Over the past few years the quartz countertop options have become more diverse. You can now purchase quartz in many different colors and patterns. Due to this increase in diversity as well as the durability of this beautiful engineered stone, quartz countertops are on the rise in popularity. Not only has the diversity in colors help to increase quartz’ popularity, people also choose it for the “lower maintenance benefits.” Some of these benefits include its ability to resist heat and stains very well. Also, there is no need to seal quartz because the resins run through the entire product. There is a very large abundance of quartz in the earths crust. Quartz also is one of the hardest materials that we currently know of.

The  Quartz slabs that we use are actually 93 – 95% actual quartz and the other 5 – 7 % is made up of resins and binders. This makes for a very strong, durable non porous surface ideal for countertops. Quartz has been very popular in many European countries for decades.  It was in the 1960’s that engineered quartz began to pop up. There was an Italian company that developed the process to engineer the quartz and shortly after  other companies began to follow suite.  It wasn’t until 2004 that quartz really started to catch on here in the United States. According to HGTV the US saw a 60% rise in quartz demand that year. We Currently Have 38 Cosmos Quarts Colors and over 100 Cambria Quartz Colors and Patterns For You To Choose.

Cambria is the leader in the quartz arena and we are very excited to now offer you this high quality product.

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