Why Choose The Stone Studio?

The Stone Studio was built off of a few key principles.

  1. True Service that exceeds Customer Expectations.
  2. Beautiful Stone Selections
  3. Painless Process.So, what does it mean to exceed customer expectation? It seems like every company out there thinks that their customer service is the best around. Unfortunately, most companies believe that customer service is just about how nice they are to their clients. We just don’t see it that way. It is our belief that customer service is a combination of several important factors. Being polite and professional is just a small part of the process.When a client is looking to purchase one of our stones it is our goal to provide them with as much information as possible so that they can comfortably make a decision on which stone is best for their situation.The selection process is often overwhelming for most homeowners. There are just so many options and often times budget restrictions. They can’t decide which colors or patterns would look best for their particular application.We take the time with each individual person to look at the entire picture. What color is your kitchen cabinets, walls, floors, etc. What cabinet door style do you have?  What is the over all theme in the home? Is it more, traditional, transitional or modern? We look at all of these areas and help our clients arrive at the best possible choice.

    It is our goal to identify each persons need and provide a solution for it. When your job is complete we want you to feel comfortable of referring a family member or friend. Word of mouth is extremely personal and important to us. If you feel comfortable referring someone that you know, then we know we have done our job.

    Thank You for taking the time to consider us for your project. We appreciate this opportunity and we hope to work with you soon.


    The Stone Studio Inc.